Orange Corn Company

Orange Corn Company farms and produces orange flavored and scented deer corn.  From the seed to the shelf, Orange Corn Company cultivates, grows and harvests their corn crop on the nutrient-rich grounds of Rio Medina, Texas where it is sacked, packed and shipped to your nearest retailer.  Learn more about Orange Corn products here.

Carlos is unique and very driven in his web development, writing and creative photography.  He is very trustworthy and easy to share ideas with and most importantly we can let him run wild!  We have also highly recommended Carlos on several occasions to help other companies build and establish their online presence.

Michael & Ashli Haby

Owner & Founder, Orange Corn Company, LLC

Texas Buck Registry

Texas Buck Registry is a statewide program to recognize the quality of deer being produced in Texas as a result of changing management practices. They aim to create enthusiasm for deer and deer management in hunters and landowners, and to be a record-keeping system to help monitor the progress within the state.  See hundreds of quality bucks harvested in Texas and register yours today on Texas Buck Registry.

Carlos and the WildBuck team set themselves apart from most other content managing companies with good old-fashioned integrity and a clear passion for this work.  They are responsive, easy to communicate with, and their finished products are always top-notch.  Their social media content creation and product photography come highly recommended from me and the Texas Buck Registry team.

Tompall Glaser

Founder, Texas Buck Registry

Predator Pro Hunting Lights

Predator Pro Hunting Lights supplies hunting light bars for Predator and Hog Hunting. Most of our lighting products are used by outfitters, ranchers and hunters looking to manage their deer and/or livestock herd. Outfitters also use our products to offer clients more variety in their hunting packages.

Contact Predator Pro Hunting Lights today if you are interested in learning more about hunting lights for outfitting your vehicle, rig or ATV to help you better manage predators and invasive species.

Carlos is a very motivated and creative web developer, not to mention his impeccable photography skills that is shown in the work he has done.

What I like the most is his ability to take a few ideas that you might have and turn them into exactly what you are wanting.  I highly recommend his company to anyone that is in need of high quality web development to establish their brand identity on the the Internet and Social Media.

Corey Trammell

Owner, Predator Pro Hunting Lights

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