Web Development

If you are reading this, chances are you know how competitive business and acquiring customers can be.  Your website is a chance for customers and prospects to get a better idea of what your company, products and services are all about.

Savvy customers will seek you out online to learn more about how you stack up against the competition and most importantly – your reputation and perception.

Mobile Development

The mobile revolution has begun.

Over 80% of all websites are now accessed and used exclusively on mobile devices and tablets.  It is critical that your website be mobile-friendly and responsive for the over 80% of customers who view your site on their phones.

Mobile Design is so vital that Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) now include it as a ranking factor in their search results!  That means – if your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will not rank your website as high when searching for your company’s key words, products and services.

What Does Web Development Cost?


A SILVER website which can also be a Landing Page or Sales Page is a single web page unique from your main website that has been designed for one objective – to promote and sale a single product or service.  These types of pages generally do not have any navigation menus that tie in to your primary website. The reason for this is to limit options available and keep your visitors from leaving the page.   The goal is to keep the customer on the page and lead them toward your intended conversion goal. Another common use for a Sales Page is for a Single Page Website. For example, many small businesses and start ups have less content and may not need multiple pages with an overwhelming amount of data presented. In such cases, a one page website with section titles presents a great solution.

GOLD WEBSITE $2,000 - $4,000

The most commonly requested type of website is 5-10 pages that serves as a 24/7 digital brochure with additional functionality such as custom forms, sliders and photography. It serves to promote brand awareness, visibility and most importantly showcase your products and services. WildBuck GOLD websites use the latest standards and technologies that allow your site to look the same across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets to the largest growing market mobile phones.

PLATINUM WEBSITE $5,000 - $7,000

Our total web solution package includes E-commerce and custom shopping options.  PLATINUM websites serve as your 24/7 online store and digital brochure with additional functionality such as custom E-commerce setup, shopping, custom forms, sliders, photography and blogs. It serves to promote brand awareness, visibility and most importantly showcase your products and services that inspire sales at the click of a button.  WildBuck PLATINUM websites use the latest standards and technologies that allow your site to look the same across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets to the largest growing shopping market mobile phones.

Monthly Maintenance

In our fast-paced digital world, it’s important that your new mobile website be maintained on a regular basis. That may be as quick as a phone call or text message to within 24 hours.  Websites require regular updates, security checks and updates, as well as performance optimization, and regular troubleshooting.

With a new mobile website your customers, clients and potential new prospects will be able to easily access and view your site information in a mobile-friendly layout without fighting the screen to read and view images.


Most website hacks happen from out of date themes, plugins, or WordPress. By keeping everything up-to-date and by implementing certain security measures, we can help reduce the risk of your website being compromised and keeping it available for your customers and clients to access 24/7.


If your website is not running a mobile version, it can potentially lower sales, reduce your search engine rankings and even lose customers and visitors due to difficulty of viewing on a mobile screen. Non-mobile websites make it difficult for your customers to learn about your services and even make a purchase from a mobile phone.


You have a business to run and employees to manage which takes most of your time. By hiring WildBuck to help you maintain your website, we take all the guesswork and headache from having to worry about a website.


Mobile Websites and the WordPress framework will continue to evolve for the benefit of businesses looking to go digital.  This is great news for businesses looking to expand their reach and brand awareness.  This also means more complexity and technical expertise is required. Let WildBuck design, manage and maintain your new highly-advanced mobile WordPress website.

What Does Monthly Maintenance Cost?

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